Happy Hump Day you humping enthusiasts,

Here is the first color update from my man Thiago, depicting a Snow White gone SITH!!!!!

I will keep putting out new covers until the new Snow White movie is either canceled or Rachel Zegler is burned at the stake, for being a smug twat,

I'm sorry, but like everyone else sick of this woke shit, all it takes is a little art to provide a little satisfaction, and perhaps some dirty profits,

Remember, my goal in life is to take over DC Comics, one step further into the breach my friends,

Not to be outdone, for those that don't have the same level of hate of Disney as me, let's show off the first piece from our newest cover merc,

The continuation of our Superhero Strip Poker Series, as we enter the next round of favorites voted by you the backers,

Mary Jane, Rogue and Lara Croft,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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