Happy Hump Day my friends,

98% if IOWA Books have shipped, so there will be Sue Storms raging across the country and globe as we speak,

As for the other 2%, go fuck yourselves, haha, JK, I'm just waiting on the arrival of more toploaders,

Hard to believe I went through 2000 toploaders that damn quick, this business is certainly growing due to your continued generosity and good taste,

So a couple of updates,

MASSACHUSETTS will be slightly delayed due to my man Hique just getting back into the studio following his quarantine in Brazil,

He was obviously still doped up on cold meds and Amazon Cannabis, because he sent me the SCARLET WITCH DOCTOR COVER UPDATE WITH A DRESSED FUCKIN WASP,

Which I have shown you below in the update,

While the art looks great, I don't know why he would have a naked Witch and a clothed Wasp, 

So needless to say, the finished cover will be delayed on inks and colors while he strips the fuckin wasp down, ahh my naive children,

So then my man in the AZ asks for a THIRD OPTION on THE SQUATTING SPIDER, and we said fuck it and delivered,

So with the Massachusetts delayed and Pixi Runner still being finished up, I have these sets of Jessica Rabbit centerfolds to play with a little longer,

For those of you who already have this set and want to add the third one to your collection, all you need to do is add a measly $11 to your pledge packages, which of course includes the toploader,

For those that want all three and are seeing it for the first time, let's just say $33 added to your pledge is what brings the trio of triumph home,

And as always we these BooKoo AZ Specials, they are only available during the Active Campaigns as package add ons,

Added to what packages you say, well well well well,

I'm glad you asked, a new month brings a new Kickstarter, so it's time to take The American Safari into GEORGIA,

Both Posters are already posted up and I will have the sketches for COVER 1 up Late Tmw or Early Fri Morn,

What's the cover you say, well wait fucker, I'll you,

We are taking Miss Jessica Rabbit and Mature Mashing Her Up as HAWK-GIRL, and she will be teaming up with Roger as the Ultimate Green Disney Lantern for all you JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Fans,

As for Cover 2, why not just click the link and find out,




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