Happy Thursday my friends,

The bad news is my bulldog and company President, Baby, is currently going through what must be the terrible twos, because regardless of play time, feeding and spoiling, this fuckin bitch will not allow me to sit, chill and story tell along my regular schedule, so I;m cranky as shit and the cannabis isn;t working which may force me into Plan B -- Hagen Dazs over Eggo Thick & Fluffys, yes this fuckin dog has driven me to that,

The Good News However, is that Black Amazon Model Delaney Delish is coming to West Palm next week, so I plan to ravage all 6 feet one of her, for writing purposes of course, although after having a late night Instagram convo with my old flame Rachel Storms, i have definitely been kicking around the idea of a cosplay themed onlyfans adult channel,

I mean shit, I have my old days in the industry, but again, brain storming and naughty thought bubbles stirred on by all this quarantine,

And speaking of naughty, check out the latest commissions from the Southeast Asian Hub of Faro's Lounge -- Inspired by some Injustice and for all you Marvel Series One Card Fans, The Hellfire Club Trading Card,

Excelsior my friends, and as always click on the latest Kickstarter,




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