The Alabama Sketchbook is finished and off to the printers, so as always it's time to press forward the issue of making new and exciting ways to allow you to artistically exercise your childhood fantasies to become more than a reality, but a goal to be put in front of you,

If you grew up on Scooby Doo, you wanted Daphne or Velma, and either you spent your lifetime scouring your range of life for tall, demure redheads, or joined up with all the chess clubs and av clubs in college in order to find your short, four-eyed geek goddess,

Maybe you whacked off to Morgan Webb because you believed there were more like her,

Maybe you wanted Betty or Wilma,

Maybe you wanted Laverne or Shirley,

Maybe you wanted Betty or Veronica,

Maybe you wanted Teela or Evilynn,

Or maybe you were like me,

I loved all comics, but my absolutely favorite was The Amazing Spider-Man, from Amazing 15 all the way up to McFarlane, and even forgave them for the Clones but took a major protest after Brand New Day before finally coming back and catching up to Superior at #700

My fantasy growing up was not Mary Jane, or Gwen, 


I wanted to be Peter, but my kind of Peter, to get both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane to share me like a bottle of Prell,

And I am happy to say my lifetime obsession, brought on by the power of comics, came true on multiple occasions,

And never because I was rich,

Never because I was lucky,

And never because I was smart,

I'm actually quite a fuckin moron overgrown child,

But what makes me different, 

What makes me FARO,

Is that I live inside my own story,

And believe every fuck up,

Every forward step,

Is the next story,

So that I'm knee deep in Gwen and Mary Janes,

And you're reading my adventures,

And starting ones of your own,

So now mother fuckers, enjoy the progress on the Red Sonja Iron Rabbit Poster,

And then check out the Wasp & Tinkerbell Sketches from the Master Jose Varese,

Why Dirty Disney for the new Art Book,

Because I am currently in love with a Disney Princess,

And that's hot we roll,

Join me fuckers,

And go see Spider-Man, caught the midnight showing last night,

Another fuckin Marvel Home Run,

Good God DC, please fuckin hire me,

Here;s link, show your love



Tinkerbell and The Wasp doing a micro lap dance

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