Tis the final update of another successful Kickstarter as The American Safari continues along its creative path,

I'm happy to say I'm in the lounge studio as I clap these keys, and we're working on the Alabama interiors to finalize and order it up along with the Infinity Chopper Posters,

My man Savy Lim is finishing up Page 7 & 8 on the new Faro Summer 1867 Issue and I'll have those ready to post as he sends them raw before inks,

The Farrell Apparel store is back open, and I'm adding all sorts of Star Wars and Disney schwag and shirts to pay for my quest to have sex, er I mean visit all 6 Disney International Parks,

It's important to have goals, even better to use cool shit to finance them,


And of course, join me on Twitch TV, I have all but done the entire Marvel Run on Star Wars including the fuckin annuals, so enjoy a new take but old idea of how to read your comics, with an obnoxious friend live from a lounge,


And now for the main event, here is the last of the newest Batch of Brazilian Brilliance from Hique,

I give you Poison Ivy & Batgirl riding on a Black Mask Chopper, in honor of the upcoming Birds of Prey Movie,

Enjoy, post, pledge, spread, purge, clean, sleep, again -- it ends at Midnight,




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