Greetings my friends, it's a rainy day in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, so I've swam in the rain and let droplets of rain bounce off my face in order to pretend to enjoy a morning soak,

And now, I've ordered dumplings and will be working on that next chapter of Faro 1869 -- I love my damn job,

So here we are my friends, hot off the press from Brazil, the colors for this month's featured poster -- STREET FIGHTER -- STRIP FIGHTER -- they were supposed to be playing Poker but I guess my man Iago just left the damn deck at home,

Que Sera, Sera,

I'm plotting another trip to Colombia, so while I hunt for inspiration, take this day to hunt for yours my friends, fantasy baseball season is upon us and spring is in the air, unless you're Down Under, then more than likely the leaves are dying and winter is comings, so fuck off :)-------

No worries my Aussie friends, I'll be back for Brisbane next November -- put my steak and beer on reserve,

And for whichever interested parties, the Original Art Backer just dropped out, so this baby is back up for grabs to you Bison Hunters,



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