Happy Monday Mother Fudge Lovers,

I am working on the new Faro 1869 script so leave me be, but while you wait enjoy the finished inks on the YAKUZA HARLEY Cover, which is off to the colorist in Brazil and as always, available on the new Faro Kickstarter,


For those of you who care enough to stay up late to watch live Major League Baseball games from South Korea while your neighbors wonder why a grown man is cursing out and shouting "Fuck you Machado!" at 7 in the morning, then I'm dropping a plug here for my Youtube Channel -- as I'll be making my lineups for fantasy baseball season live on the air, well except when I'm abroad and they block the damn Draftkings on my server,

Either way, if you were like me as a kid and loved opening up packs of baseball cards as a kid and making lineups out of the cards you pulled from the pack, then my channel is for,

And for those of you who have been riding with me for a while, you all fuckin know and remember what I do with my fantasy winnings, :)

Subscribe Here -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEh54C28orB6HOa0QHxncew



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