Happy Friday, and I finally mean that when I say it,

Like I promised I wouldn't remain satisfied with this uncanny craving to be normal mixed with a combination of fear and rage over losing my best friend,

My old best friend stepped up tonight,

The man behind the inspiration of Muzio the Mauler called me tonight, because he had a bad dream where his best pal was in trouble and knew he had a need to reach out,

We hadn't spoken in over a year, over something so petty at this point it was almost childish,

Sometimes nature is smarter than man, sometimes our dreams drive us to action, besides being distractions that dirty our sheets,

We talked about everything that Faro's Lounge stood for -- strippers, Daredevil, fantasy football, but most importantly, dogs, and rage, and where to channel it all when it seems like no one will understand your rage, and you can't punch someone because apparently that's assault (go figure)

Talking to my old friend made me laugh again, made me remember why we sometimes hold our friends higher then family, 

Because it's their job to make us better, 

I told him of my craving to be normal, and he said that would make me a shitty writer like my competition, so that's no longer an issue,

It's amazing how one line can change months of dissent,

So tonight, once you're done enjoying the latest posters, pics and primes, reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a while, even if its for five minutes, even if its for five hours, reach out and let someone know you miss them,

You might just save their life, or for the very least their sanity,

I dropped the Black Cat & Spider-Gwen above because I'm looking to put together a Chopper Super Package and I have now added the French Strip Poker to the SUPERHERO STRIP POKER PACK making it a five pack and soon to be a SIX PACK once I had the new SUPERHERO STRIP POKER ASIAN BEAUTIES ROUND to the mix.

All at the gallery in the Lounge,



Sue Storm as a Genie for a Warlord Dr Doom


So as you can see, the Genie of the Lamp Series is kicking some inspirational ass, for those of you married or locked in types, or those of you unhappily married but with hot mistresses, the Genie fantasy is always a nice sequel once you've got your girl playing Slave Leia for you,

This is the second installment of the Genie Series with Harley going first,

So now I have finished Daredevil Season 3 and smack dab in the middle of Punisher Season 2, and with Disney more than likely about to kill Daredevil's momentum with a probable diverse makeover, I came up with an idea for the 3rd entry into the Sexy Genie Series, which of course will be up for grabs on the latest Kickstarter,

Calling this one MAGIC WANDA

Emil Cabaltierra Original 11 X 17 Art. You've seen Harley as a Genie with a Jokerized Aladdin. Then we did Sue Storm as a Genie with a Doom Jafar. For the third installment of our new SEXY GENIE OF THE LAMP SERIES its time for WANDA MAXIMOFF to step in to some sultry silky delights as she emerges from a WARLORD MICKEY MOUSE -- DESTROYER OF NETFLIX. 



Superman from Action Comics 7


Action Comics 7 -- Superman joins the Circus,

Not much here to play with other then your typical superhero joins the circus script,

Circus is down on their luck, Superman joins as the new strongman, gangsters try to strong arm the circus owner to cover his old debts, Superman enters and fucks up the gangsters before they can cause sabotage,

Disappointed that the Superman stories haven't entered the ongoing storyline phase yet, where everything has to be settled up in one issue, I was really combing through the circus angle to see what I can could add to it to make it fresh but also use it in our master storyline

So I can up with the idea of Kal-El turning 18 years old, and he is about to be sent out of his gorgeous kingdom for the first time, alone and off into the real world to begin a vision quest and adventure that will take him around the world to uncover the ancestral sword of his house, something his father did before him, and his father before him, and so on,

I'm still torn with wanting to go with a Hamlet style angle where Kal-El will leave home and Jor-El will be murdered, or perhaps Krypton will face the Doom of Valyria like in Game of Thrones,

Whatever happens here, I want it to be so quick and shocking that it must be the last thing Kal-El sees before he is forced to flee Krypton,

He will be on the run and at some point, he will join the circus and become a LIONTAMER

So far that is the working title for this particular arc


The lion of course will sacrifice his life to save Kal, who will be hunted down by the same people who killed his father, who of course will be the ones running the Kingdom of Krypton

So Action Comics 7 did its job, 

Onto Saturday, more conquests, more lineups, more rage to find an outlet for, more muses to chase

Excelsior my friend, pick up some kicks and clocks if the mood strikes you right,


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