I just fired down a large plate of chicken and waffles and washed it down with watermelon soda, so now I'm jacked up on the good stuff and all I want to do is pretend I am making efficient lineups for tomorrow night's NFL Pro Bowl, which I know is absolutely pointless considering no one in the free fuckin world knows how to call this game,

But that's exactly why you play it, because we're all going in ignorant, so we all have a chance to conquer,

Speaking of conquering and shitty segues, check out the latest Commission Concoction from Emil Cabaltierra

As always you can get your little piece of wall candy greatness on the latest Faro Kickstarter, now only a meager 15% away from the 300 plateau, 



Scarlet Witch and Vision in a Red Dead Redemption Tribute


Making commissions is more fun then making lineups, and more profitable mind you, so with further adieu, let's dive into the 8th installment of "Who Will Superman Throw Into A Wall Today?"

This is Superman's go to move for the course of these issues, and I must say it's pretty badass,

I almost wish they would have incorporated more Sound FX into the panels, or had the hindsight to totally trademark the SUPERMAN WALL SMASH MANEUVER,

Either way, Superman takes on the juvenile delinquent system in this latest yarn, and he sees that the street gangs report to the pit bosses and the pit bosses rip them off and then usually send them on trap jobs and tip off the cops to get them put away so they don't have to pay them at all.

Superman is now trapped in a bad after school version of Oliver Twist,

So rather then go for the old wall smash, Superman decides on a greater, grander course of action, 

First he collects the kids and gives them a quick scared straight speech, then he roughs up the pit boss and throws him across the bay to a watery grave, I mean total disregard for the man's life, Superman is like the fuckin Joker here,

Superman then sees the slum conditions and goes on a fuckin Rampage, destroying the slums with his bare hands while he employs the street gangs to evacuate the residents.

Superman then forces the local governor to have new modern buildings put up in the old ghetto,

What they didn't fuckin tell you, was that after Superman flew away, the governor went into business with a local cocksucker congressman and they forced out the poor people and jacked up the rents, put a Whole Foods and a Starbucks in and Superman is forced to kill off a brand new gang of thugs that are fighting their own homelessness,

Thanks a lot Superman, you 1% prick,

Hey you want Happy Endings, go to the massage parlor on Lantana by the old airport, 

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Happy Saturday pals,



Superhero Strip Poker -- French Cathouse Round

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