Greetings all,  I had the master Jose Varese up in the lounge recently to make some new art and catch on the ones you glorious backers have been waiting for.

But more importantly, we started the sketches for next months Kickstarter, which will be in the theme of DIRTY DISNEY, 

I am going off to the opening of Walt Disney World's Galaxy Edge Star Wars Theme Park this August 29th, and I fuckin plan on throwing elbows and making sure I am on the Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run ride, I plan to get drunk at the Star Wars Cantina, I plan on making a $200 pink light saber and $100 fuckin droid and well let me just say it,

It's an expensive fuckin trip, but you know damn well if you had the chance to do it, you would do it, that's why you're a hardcore fuckin nerd just like me,

So take a gander up above and if you should need more Star Wars in your life, come tune in to my latest stream, Reading and Roasting Star Wars Comics, I have done the first 30 issues already, and I'm up to issue 31 tonight, and after that fuckin shit show that was the last 5 issues, if you're in the mood to watch a geek lose his fuckin mind, then give a click and a follow, 

Anyone who pops up in the chat room, I'll send you a free poster,

So that's that my friends, down below you will see the inks for next month's featured poster, 


And of course, if you haven't already, take a gander at the current Kickstarter, 

I have a great romantic Connecticut story and as always commission art and humor for your summer reading list.



Supergirl on a Super Chopper

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