It's Friday bitches, here's hoping you're reading this email live from a tavern enjoying your well deserved happy hour.

Speaking of happy, ugh fuckin segues, so my man Savy Lim has sent the next two pages of the latest issue of Faro. 

Here are two shots from the opening of Faro's journey through hell, along with his best pal,

I'd like to take the time to thank any and all who pledged to this particular campaign,

When you come from a business that's all tits and ass and all the fun in between, it's hard to ask your fan base to take part in something so heartfelt,

This is a kick ass story, it just happens to have a real story connected to it, but a great writer has to be able to use his reality as his fodder, otherwise you are just reading another shitty Marvel story,

And speaking of badly written comics, have any of you wasted your money on that fuckin filler that was the Star Wars Comics Ashes of Jedha story arc in issues 38-43, 

6 absolute issues of shit as Kieron Gillan took over filler duties for Jason Aaron, who was doing a good job keeping the excitement and mythology going until he took a shit on a Yoda side story that I haven't decided whether or not to forgive him for,

Either way, take my bitterness for entertainment, as I will be live in the lounge tonight streaming the next story arcs while hanging, drinking and smoking.

If you want a better view of comics then whoever the mainstreams are bribing and maiming this month, then come along, I need the followers :)

So my friends, that is it, I am very excited to set up next month's Dirty Disney Art Book, which is a total selfish effort to get you fuckers to finance my trip to the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at the end of August at Disney World in Orlando,

And for anyone that can explain fuckin Reddit to me, hit me up on the private line,

48 hours left on the Connecticut Kickstarter, I'm about to head up to NYC to go visit the lady who inspired the featured sex story in the issue.  So if you'd like more insight to her, check out the Kick,



Page 6 from the new Faro Comic Book

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