Happy Saturday my friends, I have finally set up a Twitch TV Channel and after booking my reservation to the opening of Galaxy's Edge the new Star Wars Theme Park in Walt Disney World, I decided it was only appropriate to do the Marvel Star Wars Comic Series as my first live STORYTIME @FARO'S LOUNGE

I will always be bitter that the Marvel execs didn't bite when I pitched the Avengers Imperial Invasion storyline but fuck it, with Game of Thrones pissing everyone off and DC Comics still fluttering around in disarray, it's time to get back into the Galaxy Far, Far, Away, especially when the two girls I'm taking to Galaxy's Edge are so friggin Jedi Delicious,

Join me in a stream or watch what I leave behind, going to do the whole Star Wars run and then move onto my favorite Blackest Mother Fucker in the whole universe, DARTH VADER,

Tune in, tune out and help make me famous,


As for SUPERGIRL, she will next month's featured poster on the Faro Kickstarter,




Supergirl on a Super Chopper

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