We got 11 followers on the Twitch Channel so far, every brick builds the empire,

Help me get to the next milestone, Triple Digits, 100 followers,


Tune in as soon as you read this, as we got the first 2 issues of Star Wars Comics off the ground and now moving to issue 3 and beyond, as I begin the countdown to going to the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World, where I plan to spend way too much fuckin money getting ripped at Mos Eisley, shitting myself on Green and Blue Milk, making my own Pink Light Saber and finally, my own droid named Penelope,

Call me weird, call me a freak, but I'm going to Disney bitches, and I started a collection of items I'm now selling in the Faro's Lounge.com store in the new section DISNEY WAR CHEST,

Why do all this Disney Star Wars stuff, cuz lets face facts, you can listen to all the angry podcasts you want but the fact of the matter is, we can't fix season 8, we can't redo the last episode of The Sopranos, and DC needs to finally crash before they get their own Feige (aka ME) to rebuild that Cinematic Universe from scratch,

So next month I am going to do a DIRTY DISNEY book, and I'm thinking of doing it in COLOR,

We shall see, let me know your thoughts, 

As for now, check out the newest Kickstarter for Connecticut, where I am going with a GWEN & MARY JANE Pajama and Nude Variant Special for ESU, my favorite fictional college growing up on Gerry Conway's run on Amazing Spiderman,


As for now, enjoy the latest commission from Slave Leia Master Emil Cabaltierra,

Picture Sue Storm leaving with Spiderman after Amazing Spider-Man 8



Sue Storm and Spiderman getting naughty

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