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Happy Faro Friday my friends, I have a ton of Facebook Ads Articles to read and I have so much Cuban Coffee in my system right now that I won't waste it on you peons when I need it to stay awake during those fucking boring loooooong educational videos,For all you loving original art collectors, the Zeldara Joy Rider shot is SOLD, but we do have the DAPHNE & VELMA MAGICAL MYSTERY CHOPPER ART back on the market.  Sometimes backers just disappear and their loss is your treasure, on Kickstarter that is,Check out the newest Zeldara Cover from Hique, the colors...

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Happy Tuesday, my mailbox has been full with the sound of art arriving, well updates at least,Let's get right into it by first showing off the WIDOW RABBIT COMMISSION from Emil Cabaltierra, which had suddenly become available after a backer was kidnapped by the Klingon Mafia,If she doesn't find a good home soon, she will be going above my Bennett Black Go Go 60s Spiderman Art,Either way, my wall or yours and she shall be happy,So down below we have the latest cover in the ZELDARA -- The Mistress of Mars Variants, this being the TOPLESS CHOPPER VARIANT from HIQUE...

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Happy Friday my friends, enjoy this 4 page preview of my absolute favorite scene in Zeldara 1 -- The Mistress of Mars -- The New Age Kennedy Assassination,Of course there's no script put in yet but I feel if you follow along the pages you will get the feel for the scene, especially the moment where the announcer learns that Han Solo is being edited out of the original trilogy due to toxic masculinity and replaced with................................ROSE TICO,That's when the Carnage ensues,Hope you enjoy and I hope you will spread the word,They dropped the ball on Star Wars, now it...

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