The Bills lost and my father is torturing nurses in the ICU -- but comics and art are flowing through Faro's Lounge like a stick of butter in my teflon pan over a plate of rushed French Toast, eh, I used too much Vanilla Extract but committed to the cooking you know,

Anyway, up top you got Teela Vs Ivy, part of our Battle of the Redheads Commission Series,

With my man in PA picking up the MOLE QUEEN SUE COMMISSION and DIANA the CONQUEROR selling below, my little YouTube experiment has been paying off for all of us,

For those of you tuning in and subscribing, I will be putting up another few videos late tonight as Mr Jose Varese will be joining me at Faro's Lounge to start drawing another SOLD WONDER WOMAN COMMISSION,

This particular WONDER WOMAN will be a special DEMI MOORE STRIPTEASE TRIBUTE, so you will def want to tune in, especially if you ever imagined Demi Moore playing Wonder Woman back in the day,

These of course are backers trading in old blank commissions for FREE 11 x 17 POSTER UPGRADES, so for those of you still waiting on commissions, there is always golden arches at the end of these rainbows :) -- get a hold of me if you would like to collaborate on a free upgrade,

Until then, check out the finished DIANA the CONQUEROR 11 x 17 Mature Poster, one of the two featured works of Rare & Exotic Art on this month's Kickstarter,



Wonder Woman along with Kang the Conqueror

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