Happy Monday my friends, the Bills have once again let me down, but I will not let you down, especially if your goal is to watch me and the master Jose Varese bust out a very sexy Wonder Woman galactic striptease commission,

I actually got the upload right this time, so enjoy enjoy 45 minutes of blank paper to Amazonian Magic, and make sure to subscribe afterwards, I'm almost at 100 subscribers, the next step is a million :)


And if you like that you will love the finished inks for last month's featured poster, THE MANDALORIAN'S CARA DUNE in the immortal SLAVE LEIA STEEL BIKINI along with a CARBONITE MANDALORIAN & JEDI BABY YODA,

This poster can be added to your pledge packages for $12, and the original art is still up for grabs before this baby becomes my next hoodie,

The new Kickstarter is right here,




Mandalorian Season 2 Concept Art

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