The Original Art for VENOM V FLASH is still up for grabs -- I'm always in the mood for an interesting deal on this -- the day of my fallen friend's birthday (said slightly more dramatic and with an Italian accent -- you should see my fuckin Brando Impression)

Anyway, back to business, I took my first sales trip yesterday, in an effort to get Faro's Lounge Posters carried in stores, one store showed promise, but more in the original art for a store exclusive cover,

While I would love to employ Jedi Master Varese to kill another cover commission, especially one that will be at a 750 copy count, but what I really need besides a dumb IG bump, is something bigger,

I want 750 copies of a FARO Sketchbook going out as opposed to something mainstream, I want access too the 750 people he lays claim to,

How do I get it, therein lies the rub,

I'm thinking of sponsoring a lovely blonde in the upcoming eSports tourney going down on Sat,

I'm thinking of bringing her twin blonde clones along with me dressed as different versions of Harley Quinn,

One must bring out all the weapons to convince the man to give us access to his army,

Or I can just give him a cover,

Those who know me long enough to have gotten this far in the blog know I don't do shit dull,

I fuck up, or I REALLY FUCK UP, UP n AWAY

So I must ponder on this while before I blow the lead,

Now the ultimate goal is to get at least one store in every state to carry Faro's Lounge posters, and I will be on the road going store to store to make sure this happens,

How do you fit in, well it's all about the Kickstarter :) getting past 300% and on to 400%

Below we have a mega mega special Slave Leia commission, as this one takes me all the way back to my first video game system, hanging out in with my pals trying to take down that fuckin TRIFORCE

It's funny when something that took you endless month to take down is boiled down to a few mintues on youtube by some prick with a million views sarcastically running down your childhood memories,

If it makes you feel any better I'm sure he'll get a blood clot in his balls once I, er I mean God punishes him :)

What I think of when I see a piece of art like this is the culmination of a life well lived, that someone can afford to pick up a great piece of original art that represents his trophy, his triforce,

In the end, we will always be little boys chasing our trophies, and the better we do in life, the better the quality of our trophies,

To that Compulsive Renegade Oil Monster working out in the depths of the Dakota Kingdom,


Don't forget to check out my collection of KICKS & CLOCKS -- all MLB teams, all logos,

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