So I am listening to a Email Marketing course on Shopify, and in between this douche's bad jokes I keep asking myself,

What is the point of all this shit without the emails,

Ugh, ugh, giving offers and discount to ghost usually turns up cotton cloud farts, so I will gladly drown my sorrows in a House Special Option of Fried Rice tonight while going after the other 998 names for my master Thunderclap Sports Art Book,

Of course you can be a part of that movement at the old store,

Forgive me as I attempt to spend the night making my own logo on Adobe Illustrator, and if all goes well I may find the time to make some lineups for this Saturday's MMA Draftking Tournament,

While I do that enjoy the finished Jose Varese North Carolina Covers, both STEEL BIKINI & MATURE VARIANTS are available on the new Faro Kickstarter

Happy Thursday Friends & Fuckers,



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