Happy Saturday my friends, I am busy packaging and pushing the postal princes to fits of rage -- but then I grease their palms with a crisp portrait of Andrew Jackson, savagely battling the British alongside Pirates at the Battle of New Orleans, 

So while packaging can be a tedious bore, one makes it fun with Steely Dan and the Eagles blasting on the Youtube mix, along with a yummy DoorDash delivery from the kind folks at Outback Steakhouse,

Along with the culinary of course, we have the chance to truly admire these fuckin Holofoil books,

Greko Printing out of Michigan more than made up for their friggin delays with these killer covers,

They are pretty much all spoken for, but if any should pop over from a miscount or defaulted pledge I shall put them up for backers,

Now since these are gone, and I didn't put up a Holo in a while, I decided to bump up one of next month's covers, especially since I was inspired by the new X-MEN 97 Animated Trailer, which may be enough to make me grab Disney Plus for a month, since I left after that massacre they tried to call Kenobi,

So with that I put this cover and I'm lacing in Holofoil,

HARLEY X HOLO -- an X-MEN DC Mash with a Dazzling Logan Like spin on Gotham's Royal Couple,

$30 for the Sexy -- $50 for the Mature and $66 for the combo together --

Happy Hunting, 




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