I've decided to keep this one as a Black & White version before I go to color,

I am going to put this baby up on Ebay and see how all those crazy Lady Gaga fans  feel about shutting down all the Venom mystique in order to pump up her Bradley Cooper remake.

Ugh, is this the new norm, attach a movie with your internet minions because you can't beat the competition fairly,

Listen, I get it, we live in a cutthroat world, and no industry is safe,

I remember when I first started selling art I would hang around brokers who would brag outside the con center in San Diego bragging about how they would pimp out their artists for a blown up boring commission, then set up fake ebay accounts in order to pump up the price of their variants, who let me remind you, have THE SAME FUCKING INTERIORS

When my FORMER partners made me do variants I simply asked if I can do variant INTERIORS,

When they disagreed, I pimped myself out to every widow and bored wife in Palm Beach County and then BOUGHT THE FUCKING COCKSUCKERS OUT


Because the only person a hustler should ever answer to is himself.

Some of you may hate your job, some of you feel complacent,

Some of you only have a dog as your friend,

Then you have everything you need to get started,

When I started doing Kickstarter, I proclaimed that I was the greatest comic book writer who ever lived, died, then came back to life only to piss off God,

That's a lot to live up to, and instead of complaining about it, I just spend every minute living up to it, calling out the competition for their complacency and then making my incredible team of artists do it better.

However, Venom is definitely not The Last Jedi

Yes we all wanted a horror movie, but Venom is fun, packed with non stop fighting and tight humor that would not be mistaken for Whedonesque quips

Point is, if you're reading this, you are a comic book fan, so get off your ass and go see Venom,

Don't fuckin stream it, don't half ass it, and don't do 3D, I hate  that shit, you can't slouch in the seat cuz it fucks up the view,

Go see it in XD, if you have access to that sort of thing, and if you don't, I have two words for you


Why take a road trip to see a movie?  I once took a $55 cab ride for a $10 plate of Sesame Chicken, because it was the best Sesame Chicken on the East Coast,

Money doesn't matter when it comes to treasure,

So on that note, check out the latest RARE & EXOTIC ART ACQUISITION from your man Faro Kane,

It is now listed on the newest Kickstarter in the $500 package, which includes the ENTIRE SET OF FARO GRAPHIC NOVELS & FARO'S LOUNGE SKETCHBOOKS

That's a kings shit load of art, comics and adventure.

Stay cool everyone, and GO SEE VENOM, you have never seen San Francisco shot this good in a modern movie, and yes I love Bullit and Streets of San Fran but dude VENOM is an unintentional post card to the city once called Baghdad by the Bay,




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