Happy Saturday folks, would you believe 3 times this week in three different sports I sat in first place on Draftkings tournaments all the way towards midnight,

We are talking I was tied for 1st in the Thurs night Colts Pats game ($250,000) then got boxed out by the Colts WR5 before walking away with $500 and missing my share of the big prize ($60,000) by two fucking points.

Then dont get me started on the facking SAWKS
or Red Sox for those not from the East Coast, 

Had they held the Yankees scoreless, your man FK was looking at $50K.

Point is people, the Gods are teasing us, but I promise I will prevail, and all the fucking scratch goes right back into YOUR COMIC BOOK

Thanks for taking this ride with me and here's two more Leias to wet your appetite for all the things that make this world awesome

I still miss my bulldog, but life is getting better :)



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