Happy Thursday my friends, here is the finished colors for this month's featured Kickstarter Centerfold THE WASP, before she is de-feminized by the powers that Disneeeee.

Of course, get your kicks right here, I'll have the Wednesday and Morticia Colors up tomorrow,


And for those of you who have been wrapped up in the recent Pamela Anderson needs to sell more novels controversy, check out this piece of Original Art I pulled from my recent meet up with Jose Varese.

This is the Original Cover Art from the Blondes Cover Commissions Collection, a Spider-Man Baywatch Mashup with Pam as the Captain Marvel we deserve, but not the one we get.

The original backer disappeared into mysterious myst so this baby is back up for sale in the Faro's Lounge Gallery.  The purchase of course will come with a copy of the Blondes Coffee Table Art Book and perhaps a surprise on the backside.

Happy Shopping.




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