Happy Monday my friends, except of course for those of you like myself watched yet another season of destiny end in the toilet for the mother fucking cock sucking Buffalo Bills.  Year after year is our year until its not.  I say it all the time, I'm fuckin done and I am throwing my allegiance behind the Cincinnati Bengals, because fuck the 49ers and their dynasty.

So while I cool off, check out the colors for this month's Centerfold -- star of Quantumania THE WASP in all that very special Slave Leia Steel Bikini Love.

Available as always, on the new Faro Kickstarter,


And for those of you who are still clamoring for one of the last copies of the Dirty Disney 4 Peter Pan Strip Poker Variants, I have the last of the Stash right here at Faro's Lounge,

Happy Shopping,

Dirty Disney #4 -- LTD 150 -- Peter Pan Strip Poker Cover – Faro's Lounge (farokane.com)




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