Greetings my friends, if you were just coming off your HBO Max app puking over the new Velma, then we are in the same pile of mess.

I thought there was a dude named Zasz cutting through all the WOKE Garbage at the WB and marking the victims on his body, hey I just came up with a new character.

What angers me the most is that the people responsible get paid for that dreck, and I realize more and more that the whole changing up the characters and blaming the fans when they don't like it is just the status quo for what I can only hope leads to the eventual downfall of Hollywood.  I mean, the Romans fell, the Khans even fell, until they came back from the graves and are now buying the WWE.

What you're seeing is a phase of mainstream writers who are raised on social media and really have absolutely NO CREATIVITY LEFT, so writing is just a job for them, and triggering the fan base is just the requirements of the job.  This is Issaac Asimov's Foundations finally coming to pass.

But I digress, after being insulted by VELMA on HBO, I just decided to contact the art team and get busy, because I feel it's better to attack with your art and stories,

So next month for Faro's Annual Anti-Valentine's Book, besides Dark Raunchy Poetry that is the staple of the book along with the sketch art, we are going to be doing the YAKUZA SLAVE DAPHNE as our cover, along with a very special POSTER for the month -- SLAVE LEIA VELMA!!!!!!!!!!

And that's not all, after seeing the newest Blank Cover Commissions in our Queue, I ordered up some newbies,

Soon to be entering the gallery, AHSOKA KILLS VELMA -- HARLEY KILLS VELMA -- and of course DAPHNE KILLS VELMA,

Happy Shopping,




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