I just wrapped and packed the last of the Dirty Disney 4 orders, so with the exception of those waiting on Original Art till I make my next pickup with Master Varese, I look forward to the happy echoes of tape cutting through plastic and smiles and dongs cresting upward.

So while you wait and ogle your local postals, check out the inks on the Complete Wasp set of Pinups, available of course as a full set or your choice on the latest Faro Kickstarter.


And now we have some new listings in the store, and when waiting on some replacement books for damages, the printer ended up sending me 25 extra sets of the Zeldara 6 Disney Princess Strip Poker Covers, so it turns out I have over 30 left instead of 5 and the LTD is now a solid 175,

So in order to celebrate the printing snapfu, I put the remaining sets in my store for a combo price of $75,

Happy Shopping True Believers,




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