Hey everyone baseball is back, well aint that all the fuckin good news,

So I have found myself in an awkward place where for the first time in about 13 years, I can't seem to get high off of cannabis anymore,

While I was never much of a partaker in my younger days, I initially became a hardcore stoner the day after the FBI and IRS took me down back on Black Tuesday Oct way back in 2007,

It took a lot of that medicinal gold to get me over the paranoia of finding out that people i considered friends were undercover agents and that there was a group of agents bugging my home, harassing my dogs and basically observing me have threeways in my backyard jacuzzi,

Your tax dollars at work,

Anyway, I became a hardcore stoner because i thought every day was my last day of freedom and that the idea of either going to federal prison or even worse not being able to get a new job as I entered my 30s and let's just say I was rolling the next blunt while i was still smoking the first blunt,

Of course once that all started to recede I had to start over with shit jobs, waiting tables, personal trainer, handing out samples at conventions, and of course, my dreaded six years working as a teacher,

When the priest told me in the hospital that i would be paying for my sins on Earth as opposed to hell, he was right, I hated teaching more than I hate Brie Larsen's resting bitch face or Bryan Cox's voice on those new fuckin McDonalds commercial, (BaDaBumBumBum --- fuck you, your voice is annoying)

So i continued my pot addiction, before class, after class, sometimes during lunch breaks once the vape pens became a thing,

I was high 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

I was just gone,

Then Kickstarter happened,

And my father had a heart attack,

And my dog started getting old,

And DC Comics was threatening to shut me down because of an artist I fired ratted me out to their department (the hack's name rhymes with Alfresco)

So the pot continued, because reality was just a constant pain in the ass, and because of my criminal past I couldnt freely just whip some ass bc of this new world of inferior whiners who call themselves men but are faster with their iphones and lawyers then their fists,

I didn't see any possible end in place, so I reserved myself to be one of those aging stoners, spending his life telling remember when stories with his frat brothers at the annual reunions, 

Then the comic books started selling,

And I went off on the DC reps and used a loophole to lift my Kickstarter suspension,

Then I started the monthly Kickstarters, and started out earning my teaching checks,

Then my bulldog helped my father heal from his heart attack and depression before she peacefully died in my arms,

Then I quit teaching and decided to be a full time writer,

So it turns out, I smoked all that pot because i thought it helped me become a better writer,

Turns out, i did it because it helped me accept being a failure at life,

But the more i looked in the mirror, the less i felt like a failure,

And that's all because you,

You bought the books,

You laughed at the videos,

You financed my fantasies,

Suddenly, the pot doesn't work anymore,

Thanks to you,

Thanks to all of you,

But then, I needed a new addiction,

And then game the Giants--Dodgers game last night,

5 innings in -- I am in 2nd place sitting on 20 thousand fuckin dollars,

Then reality set in, and the Dodgers came to life,

By 2am -- I won $85, about --$215 from what i put in,

And just like that my friends,

A new addiction is born,


Oh shit, I almost forgot, here are the GEORGIA COVER UPDATES,

Up top we the PAM GRIER inspired STORM, who will soon be joined by the FALCON-ANGEL,

And down below, we have Jessica Rabbit as Hawk-Girl along Roger the Lantern,

The hits keep coming,

You keep reading them, I'll keep out in the abyss, searching for the next story,

Until then True Believers, get your Kickstarter fix here,




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