Happy Monday my friends, I have to fight with Printful about the Cobra Kai logo on my new hoodie, ugh bastards, as if us E-Commerce Pirates are bogged down by those pesky rules,

So while I bitch and roll enjoy this latest piece from Master Jose Varese, who has his first art book Kickstarter up and running that's kicking my ass in backers and cash (Not that I'm competing or anything, that talented prick has stretch goals out the yazoo)

Anyone looking to get in on the Mature Exclusive Cover for Faro's Lounge fans, I have them limited to 75 and Signed & Numbered by the Master himself, and I believe 41 have been sold with 34 left for you Bride of Frankenstein lovers,


And on to new business, up above you see the latest entry into the Injustice Line of Commissions, LARA CROFT Vs CATWOMAN --

For those interested parties, I've just added a SLAVE LEIA BO KATAN to my list of Blank Cover Commissions, cuz we are gonna get the Heiress of Mandalore into The Steel Bikini,

And of course how bout a look at the second Poster on this Kickstarter run -- DCU Gladiators starring WONDER WOMAN Vs BLACK ADAM,

Grab your copy on the new Faro Kickstarter,




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