I know it's customary these days, to overinflate adjectives and go with key phrases of "Off the chain!" or "Changing the Game!"

But I hate that shit, it ruins all the credibility of the extreme words,

But then again, those fuckin people don't know Jose Varese,

Anyone who's tirelessly got through my blogs know of my unhealthy addictions to tattooed femme fatales, so I always say, why turn my addiction into Art,

For those of you keeping score, I believe half of the LTDs are currently claimed,

The other half are waiting for you, as is apparently, Mr JOHN FUCKIN WICK,

Only on the new Faro Kickstarter,


And for those of you who remember the last Zeldara Kickstarter -- we have 8 sets left of the Z6 LTD -- featuring a little Dirty Disney Strip Poker,

And as always, with the remaining sets, the price has gone up,

Happy Shopping,




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