Happy Hump Day you humps, I have some street corn and tacos on the way, and I'm gonna drip back on my chair while enjoying the latest episode of The Mandalorian, seemingly the only reason to hold on to a Disney ++ Subscription,

So this baby just got delivered to my phone from Master Varese, and in a long line of posts where I am always used to putting up bars and logos on boobs and bulas, it's almost weird to see this baby brought to life,

When they brought back Mike Keaton as Batman I was immediately inspired for this multiverse piece, and if you agree, I expect to see it up on your walls,

Happy Shopping,


And after repeated attempts to locate the original backer, it looks like this Rare & Exotic Art Acquisition is back up for grabs,

For those of you following the artistic exploits of my main pencils, bulldozer Jose Varese, you know that his art is rising, like my blood pressure during fantasy football games,

So for you Popeye fans, this baby is the Original Cover Art for Faro's American Safari -- LOUISIANA EDITION --

And of course, to whichever lucky gallery this angel shall join, I will be adding a very special little gift on the backside,

Happy Shopping,




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