Evening my friends, while you have been lazily lounging around your domicile, smelling more and more like a Dragon's asshole, I have been toiling away and packing packages,

I have just put out another wave of Zeldara 7 Yakuza Jessica packages, and the rest are ready to ship once I get more fuckin Packing Tubes, which I always seem to run out of faster then I anticipate, 

Thankfully, Uline ships creepily fast, like they are almost anticipating your order with drones above your house,

Anyway, I estimate that I will have around 50 Yakuza Jessica's left, and with the demand and after seeing how gorgeous they reflect against the light, I wish I made more,

You can see the signing video on my Youtube right here, kindly subscribe if you should be so bold,


So for those of you who need this masterpiece in your collection, I have listed 25 in my store, part of a 3 comic package that includes the LOLO Cosplay Variant as well as a mystery book,

Happy Shopping,




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