After chatting with one of my backers, I finally think we have a solution to the toploader shortage problem,

TUBES -- I am ordering a shitload tomorrow, so hopefully we will have no more drama to ship poster prints,

Stay tuned for more, as the Colorado and Football packages will be going out with Tubes and maybe some Lubes as well,

As for the Kickstarter, we are at 97% and we just got the first cover back from the colorist,

In an effort to celebrate my love of Threeways, along with needing 3% to go and Zeldara having a Triple Nipple Piercing on the new cover under those black spheres, I am putting up the Original Zeldara Cover Art for Z-1984 and the Zeldara Scarface Covers for a discounted price of $333 for each one,

Both are available in the Rewards Sections,

Happy Shopping, Bring Zeldara Original Cover Art home for $333



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