Happy Tuesday my friends, I just finished the script for Zeldara 5, and I just got the finished colors for the Stars & Stripes Double Agents Suicycle Poster for the July campaign,

I'll be ordering the Colorado and Brunette Books and Posters this week, now that the posters are finished,

The only thing I'm still waiting on are the Super Cosplay Books from Jose Varese, but I'll be sending out all the packages while we wait,

Until then check out the first sketches for the Zeldara 1984 LTD Cover, with a 1984 Terminator Theme featuring Harley Conner and Joker T-800,

As for now, I'm trying to figure out whose long leg I will be adding to have pushing the press down on the cyborg,

Either the long red boot of Diana, or the Vine wrapped Fishnets of Ivy,

We shall see, until then, if you missed out on the Stars & Stripes Poster, it's in the Add-On Section for $12, and comes with an extra mystery poster,

Happy Shopping,




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