Happy Friday my friends, I am ripping through the Dakotas, and I finally made it out to see Carhenge in Nebraska, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

I'm debating whether or not to hit the Badlands in North Dakota, or just saying screw it and head to Fargo for the Roger Maris Museum and then on to Minneapolis and Des Moines for some naughty local madness.  But you don't care about that crap, you want updates,

The VERMONT & EDMONTON Books & Posters should be arriving from the printer next week, and I just put in the order for the ZELDARA ANIME BOOKS & BOTH POSTERS, so I'll be shipping those all out while we wait on Budd Root to finish up on baited boar breath.

Until then, it's on to the next agenda, which is the FOURTH INSTALLMENT of our highly seductive and mostly disturbing DIRTY DISNEY Series, which will feature a YAKUZA SLAVE SNOW RED, along with so many other Faro's Lounge Concoctions,

Hope to see you there,




The New Snow White

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