Happy Tuesday my friends, I hope you were all as blown away by the Season Finale of Game of Thrones as I was,

I literally signed a new guy out of Brazil this week and when he asked for my first commission with him I got inspired last night and told him I wanted JEAN GREY as a TARGARYEN MUTANT PRINCESS RIDING A PHOENIX DRAGON,

So as always more goodies to come, I think I want to have an artist do either Daemon or Aemond Targaryen as The Night King.  The way I see it, that's the only fuckin way to save Season 8,

So onto old business being new, I have Ordered the VERMONT BOOKS & POSTERS from the Printer, so I will let you know when they arrive and packaged,

While you wait for those of you who missed out on last month's goodies, I have put up the new SELINA & IVY -- MAX & BARDA POSTERS as well as the VERMONT BATGIRL & FLASH BOOKS in the ADD-ON Section.  And yes, as always for those missed the Kickstarter -- the price has already gone up,

Happy Shopping True Believers,





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