Happy Hump Day my friends,

I am proud to say Zeldara 3, Minnesota & The Blondes Books have all been sent off to the printer,

However it seems that there's a toploader shortage due to our embargo with China, and if one more friggin company takes my order for 1,000 toploaders and then calls me as the Paypal clears to tell me they are on backorder till 2034 and you can see how I need fuckin cannabis to deal with these people,

I may have to hire robots man,

Speaking of technology and hating the common man, Elon Musk can blow me with his Tesla and Dogecoins, this is the real Martian Munchies,

Dejah & Tara on a Carter Cycle, no better way to see Barsoom,

That is the first of our SUICYCLE Poster Combo for the August Kickstarter, which will take us to Colorado and one more SPECIAL EDITION -- The Brunettes,

The Colorado Cover will feature the very rare and special combination of STARFIRE & FIRESTAR -- who will be having a BLAZE SESSION IN THE BARE -- AS THEY ENJOY SOME COSMIC CANNABIS IN A COSMIC GREEN LANTERN BONG -- 

I'll be experimenting with CHROME HOLO FOIL Upgrades for interested parties, as my printer has just added the new cover tech to my menu of mature madness.

The Brunette Boudoir will be the final part of the HAIR TRIOLOGY, which will give us a PSYLOCKE CROFT SWEATY TANK TOP MASHUP AS SHE ENTERS THE TOMB OF VAMPIRELLA,


Happy Shopping,




Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot

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