Fuck Stamps.com, I am sick and tired of sitting on those fuckin post office lines so I tell myself, hey start a Stamps.com account, listen to the reps as they recommend the thermal printers, the labels, the scale for God knows how much,

Then you wait for it to arrive while you set up your makeshift workstation with purchases from Target,

Then the stuff arrives,


So now I get to box it all up and ship it back to them, then wait for them to credit my account,

So I closed the fuckin account,

Six fuckin hours of my life sitting on the phone with technical support just to have to close the account,

Needless to say I'm in a lousy mood and the only worse then wasting my money is wasting my time,

Sometimes the only thing that can get me back into a good mood is an update of pages and art like this,

Enjoy and happy shopping,




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