Happy MLK Day --

The Faro Fall 1867 -- Cobra Kai and Dirty Disney Books are being pressed and printed as we speak, and I look forward to having them delivered to me in Fort Florida next week, where I will be making a YouTube Video of myself and Master Varese SIGNING  & NUMBERING Books, and maybe even starting up another LIVE COMMISSION at my new Workspace,

As of press time there are only 4 Knullified Scrooge Variants, which means all 200 are just about free of my carbonite grip,

Never one to rest on my laurels, and with a cool two weeks remaining on this current Kickstarter, I just had to put up another Limited Edition Variant, and moved up next month's idea a little earlier,

What is the next Zeldara Mature Themed Venomized Mashup Mix,

Here's a hint,


Huh huh, Heh, Heh, Oh Yeah, Hey Baby, Come to Butthead :)

Only got 100 of these for the Kickstarter, I believe the rest goes to a private vault in Highland Texas :)

Packages for this Naughty Nostalgia start at $50, whether you are a newbie, or adding on to your existing package, each copy of the BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD ZELDARA 2 VARIANT comes with the new DARTH GROGU 5x3 Laptop Sticker,

Happy Shopping Buttheads,




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