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It's Wednesday, there must be a ladies night somewhere with a girl screaming "Nobody Loves Me!"Until that happens why not share some lovely art to entice your senses and perhaps motivate you to make some wall candy for your castle or shack,First up we have Rogue Sonja, mashing up the mutants and the warriors always results in artistic gold,I have already ordered a sequel entitled DARTH VAMPIRA, where Rogue goes Sith,My wall or yours, Down below you have an update on THE DIRTY DISNEY ART BOOK, our first full color venture,This update has THE WASP joining TINKERBELL on THE HOOK,I have...

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Happy Tuesday you filthy tossers,So it is looking like the man behind the WIDOW RABBIT -- Jessica Rabbit // Black Widow Mashup Commission is not responding, so before the pledge defaults I am debating whether or not to relist the commission or perhaps use the piece as the FARO'S LOUNGE RUSSIAN SAFARI COVER LOLAny interested or invoked parties let me know :)I also just ordered a new GWEN STACY COMMISSION from Emil, as well as a Black Cat // Jessica Rabbit future Safari Cover that will make you drool into your Cream of Wheat (fuck Oatmeal, that shit skeeves me...

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It's a rainy Saturday in South Florida, the kind that makes you long for the indoors, at least that's what indoor obsessed types like me have to say to justify staying inside.  Whew, that was a close one, I should move to Seattle already and start a coffee shop like the one in Fraiser,Up above is Page 12 from Faro -- Summer 1867, my man Savy Lim is hard at work on the next 8 page section, and Rob Epps has just sent over the first 4 pages colored and lettered,Nothing gets the heart racing like a smooth production line,And...

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Happy Friday my friends, I've been on a naughty spiritual tour of South America by way of the Adult Entertainment Districts of Miami, because, like I always preach, the only way to get over losing pussy, is paying for more expensive pussy,No, it's actually not the perfect solution, but I always use a good bout of loving with a woman you don't love will always get you through that pesky bout of writer's block, or maybe I just needed to pound a 6 foot tall Brazilian model without having to court her,Either way, my vice is your rewards, as I...

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I'm not gonna mince any words, the first Pre-Season NFL Game starts now and I have to go into Angry DraftKings God fuckin Hates Me Mode,The FARO team is hard at work, Savy Lim is doing the interiors now for pages 13-20 and Rob Epps has the first 12 ready for colors and letters,Here is the Finished Cover for Faro's Lounge The American Safari CONNECTICUT EDITION, featuring Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson in the Ultimate ESU Dorm Room Slumber Party,If you want to see the MATURE VERSION in all it's glory, it's on the new FARO KICKSTARTER for ZELDARA...

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