Jessica Rabbit as the Baroness
Jessica Rabbit as the Black Widow
Jessica Rabbit as the Baroness
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Anti-Valentine's 2 -- Baroness Jessica Rabbit -- Art and Poetry

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24 pages – In the tradition of the Budd Root Sexy Sketchbooks, Black & White Art from some of our top selling commissions mixed in with humor, fan fiction and sex stories from the mind of Faro Kane, this is the second installment of an annual issue celebrating the dark side of the world's most obnoxious holidays.

This issue begins with a poem dedicated to the last lovely flower that nearly ended me followed by the art commissions she inspired,

GI Joe Cobra Super Duper Saturday Morning Mashup Mature Cover by Jose Varese starring Jessica Rabbit as The Baroness along with Storm Shadow and the heads of all her lovers,

Also available as a set.