Greetings my friends, and thanks to those who jumped in on Day 1 to check out the latest venture of Faro's Fantasy Sports Cards, 

For those that didn't jump in yet, eat a dick, haha, just kidding, maybe, but hey we're all entitled to our opinions, except when criticizing those new Star Wars movies, bc that means you're a misogynist prick who is threatened by great writing, ugh,

So while I pine my bitterness, check out the color update for the first card in our set, The BOSTON AMERICANS Vs The PITTSBURGH PIRATES circa 1903, I feel the color team really kicked ass on this one, you can smell the icy chill off the Delaware,

And of course, we have Mojo-Jabba & Slave Dazzler Colors, and I really love the job on this one, and I know you will too,

For those who missed out last month, you have two options for the Mojo, 

You can buy this baby in the Add-On section for a $20 spot, and I will add a mystery poster on the back when I ship it out with your card,

Or you can opt to add it to your Color Foil Package, in replacement of the books,

Either way get that Mojo back in your life, and get yourself some damn Showdown Cards,



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