Happy Tuesday my friends, I have just put in the order for all the Zeldara 1984 books and posters, and I am packing and shipping all the Colorado & Fantasy Football Packages as we speak,

The production line is running, and as always it's time for another shiny Kickstarter venture,

But wait, this time I am trying something new, along the lines of the recent success of the Beskards, I decided to roll my obsession with Fantasy Sports into a something completely different, where I take my old school love of breaking open packs of cards and making my own lineups, to doing it for real every night on Draftkings hunting for easy access to large loads of that dirty green paper,

So I'm making a two card set for the upcoming World Series, one for this upcoming series that will feature either the Braves, Dodgers, Red Sox and/or Astros, and the first ever bad boy between The Boston Americans and The Pittsburgh Pirates,

Plus you flip over the back of the card and instead of some generic story or filler you get THE WINNING LINEUP of the game in question, so you the CASH on one side & the FANTASY on the other,

How's that for a wet dream???

There are FOUR FOIL LEVELS, and each level comes with extra goodies and even a NUMBERS GAME for ORIGINAL ART,

I even made a new commercial commemorating the event, starring everyone's favorite Justice League Jerkoffs :) --

Happy viewing True Believers, 




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