Happy Anti-Valentine's Day,

Happy to report all Mars & Cobra Kais have been packed and shipped, and I'm fuckin exhausted and about to watch this cute college chick from my old bar diddle herself for me in a private video for me, 

Ah the things I do to pay a girls tuition,

So while I enjoy my online Valentine, enjoy this completed Pulp Fiction inspired piece, starring Jessica, Roger, and an appearance by Daffy & Porky,

Di Ni Ni Ni Di Ni Ni Ni Ni,

Medieval on your ass Baby,

There are only 8 Rabbit Rosses left, once those babies are gone I will release the next LTD -- to give you a hint, check out the original art back on sale below, and whoever purchases it gets the Beskard Combo included,

Someone in this shot is getting VENOMIZED,

Until then True Believers, add a $30 spot to your pledge to bring ANTI-VALENTINE's 3 Home,




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