Happy Hump Day fuckers, so with there only being ONE LONE RABBIT ROSS LEFT -- it was time to get Cover #2 for you KNULLIFIED COVER COLLECTORS,

Next up on the Knull Train is going to be the Self Proclaimed Master of the Universe Prince Adam aka KNULLIFIED KING HE-MAN,

This MoFo will certainly give Thor a run for his money, especially when he is going to be flanked by a VENOMIZED TEELA,

As always True Believers, if you missed out on the Scrooge and want this lovely crumb for your collection, you can add it on to your pledge or just send me your Sold Out NBA Top Shot packs :)

Pitchers and Catchers have reported to camp and my Draftkings fingers are itching to lose some money while we have Pixi Runner 2 and Zeldara scripts and pages already coming in,

Stay tuned my friends, the universe just keeps getting bigger,




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