Happy Wednesday my friends, I enjoyed a nice creative session in South Beach with a Giant Black Amazon Seductress -- and may I now report my writer's block has been vanquished,

So while I put together my next wacky script, let me report that the rest of the IOWA Books have shipped, there are 7 left for my backers waiting on the latest commissions,

Emil is going to be sending them over to me along with the next 12 pages of Pixi Runner, basically he is finishing up the second half of the comic then sending over the entire haul in one swoop,

And speaking of commissions, take a gander at these babies, Hellfire Club inspired commissions from our Gotham Branch,

Until we chat again, make sure to pick up the newest chapter of Faro's Lounge -- I'm adding a doozy of a comic strip to continue our ongoing saga, call me crossover crazy :)




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