Happy Independence Day my friends and foes,

I just designed a new Sleeveless Hoodie, for Faro's Lounge Florida Summer Look,

The front part is the Wendy's Spoof Logo and the back part is the first of the Justice League Vs Avengers Series -- Flash Vs Hulk,

I would've had better pictures, but quarantine doesn't make for eager picture takers, and this friggin bulldog won't pose or hold the damn camera for me,

Get it here, you sleeveless sot,

And on to new business, for those of you waiting to see the first sketches for our Georgia Covers, wait no further you impatient pricks,

Jessica Rabbit as Hawk Girl along with Roger as the Ultimate Lantern, Green, Pink, Red, hahahaah, I just have Yellow, you know from peeing myself, ah fuck off and enjoy the Rabbit Boobs,

And pledge for the new Georgia Kickstarter, :)----




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