Happy Monday, for those of you like me taking a fuckin bath on FRC stock, you will know that early retirement to a life of hookers and weed is now that much farther away.  Of course, I just got back from Toronto Comic Con this wknd, and man I met an American Gladiator type gal that bounced me around Queen Street West and made me forget all about my stock woes.

All in all, it looks we now have a Canadian Printer on board from StudioComix, so I now have to choose if the Anti-Valentine's Collection will be a Treasury Edition or Hardcover -- so far I know the Cover Art and the Page Count -- 66 pages, and I will have a ENG CAN & FRE CAN Versions,

But as for current business, up above check out the Yakuza Jessica LTD Update on Colors,

I believe 150 of these babies are gone, and I would love to see if I can equal the 250 or perhaps even 300 LTD number that ended up going for the TINKERBELL -- which I'm still kicking myself that I didn't make more,

As always, on the new Faro's Lounge Kickstarter,


And for those of you counting, only 4 sets of the Princess Strip Poker remain -- and yes the price has gone up for this tea party,

Happy Shopping,




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