Happy Thursday my friends, I just got the last SUMMER 1867 PAGE from Savy Lim,

This is absolutely the best issue of Faro I've ever written, so I'm obligated to tell you it's worth the wait,

Nothing truly is to be honest, because to be honest, I HATE FUCKING WAITING FOR ANYTHING,

That being said, while waiting for the FARO SUMMER 1867 to be finished in Colors and the New Jersey & Arkansas Books to arrive from the printer, I have been moving all my art to my new place in the heart of the Lake Worth Arts District,

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Ok, so while doing my show and moving art around the new spot, I have uncovered these little treasures from when I first forayed into the comics world after attending San Diego Comic Con 2013,

While nothing will ever top my 2008 trip (To be told in a future Sketchbook) I did learn about the business and start meeting artists that I would either use to make commissions or threaten to break their drawing hand (Again tune in to my show to hear such tales)

So I got these pieces from my man Monte Moore, who did some artwork still on display in the FARO BOOK ONE NOVEL,

Adding on to the fact that I attempted to buy a new leather briefcase to replace my beat up leather writer's satchel and then I realized that the briefcase, while utterly gorgeous, was not wide enough for my purposes,

So I am putting the four pieces of Monte Moore art in toploaders and then in the briefcase, so it's like an ART//FASHION FARO PACKAGE,

Four pieces of Original Monte Moore Sketches (RED SONJA, MARY JANE, CAVEWOMAN B&W & COLORED) packed into my new Leather Briefcase,

With shipping included, I am also gonna stuff a copy of the DIRTY DISNEY BOOK and perhaps one of FARO's AMERICAN SAFARI NEW YORK COVERS in the briefcase, SIGNED BY MYSELF & JOSE VARESE,

Paypals to me for the beautiful number of $500 will be accepted,

Look forward to hearing from interested parties, and as always check out the new Faro Kickstarter,


Stay tuned True Believers,




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