Happy Sunday Sunflowers, I just saw Bill Burr last night at the Hard Rock, and would've thoroughly enjoyed myself if I didn't take so many gummies,

I had a midnight freak out, like my head was floating, but thankfully I got to enjoy The Burr as much as inhumanly possible, he even ripped apart some cunt in the audience, I always love that,

Anyway, just met up with Master Varese to sign some books and pick up some original art to ship out, and we are start waiting for the ink to dry on some others,

I did manage to steal his last 3 Jessica Rabbit Bride Books from his last Kickstarter, the last 3 which are available in my store at the link, and each of the last purchases come complete with a Mystery Book from the Faro Archives, I love clearing inventory, makes more room for the newbies,


And since the backer has seemingly disappeared and not contacted us back for months, it is time to relist this Original Cover Art from Zeldara 3 -- featuring Lady Zeldara and a very Twisted Scarface,

I have put this baby in the Add-On section for a discount of $500, and as always, all original art purchases come with a page of Original Interior Art from Pixi Runner,

Happy Hunting,




Zeldara and Scarface

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