So I am reporting to live from my first private work club station at the General Provision in Downtown Fort Lauderdale,

I'm surrounded by all these smart start up people and am constantly asking myself why it was so important to join a $250 a month club when I am a simple comic book writer who works out of his apartment next to a drooling bulldog,

Like you need an answer -- FUCKIN CHICKS of course,

I've barreled through enough hookers and strippers to have firmly satisfied my need for cheap quick sex, or in some cases, expensive drawn out sex,

But the more I do it, the more realize that I will never get to the next step on my primary evolution until I start banging better women, as great vixens have always been the muses and obstacles to my career,

All I want to do is sit in my PJs and write with my dog, but I know the worst thing a writer can do is become complacent, and with every forward stroke I know this is the way,

The way to getting on those yachts that keep passing by my window, and the knowledge that only thing keeping me off those yachts is circumstance, timing and that dreaded word, networking,

But for a true adventurer, that is merely an obstacle laid down in a brand new story,

So onto business,

The Kickstarter backer reports has finalized from Dirty Disney and looks like we lost TEN BACKERS, 

Which means ONE DIRTY DISNEY VENOMIZED MICKEY COVER & NINE DARTH GROGUS have suddenly made their way back onto the market, and I have listed them in the ADD-ON section of the latest Kickstarter of course,

I will have the finished colors for DARTH GROGU probably by tonight, which means they will be off to the printer as soon as it's done,

Master Varese sent over the inks for Black Adam v Wonder Woman, and rather then waste any more time, I am going to give it the sepia polish so that baby is ready for the printer as well,

And final news, I have my man Austin working on a spoof piece that will be a special STRETCH GOAL GIFT added to everyone's packages,

What Stretch Goal you ask?  The one where I stretch my dick over the next hot start up girl who walks into this converted hotel, just kidding...........maybe,

Happy Shopping my friends, and remember, the only thing better then a hot girl sucking your dick, is her boyfriend eating your asshole.



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