Happy Tuesday my friends,

Happy to report that Faro Fall 1867 -- Cobra Kai and even the first round of Dirty Disney Books are all going to PRINT tonight,

Our biggest order ever shall be in my hands within a week and then in your hands an estimated week later,

Can't wait for your schews and reviews,

On to new business,

Wonder Woman Vs Black Adam was finished last night and as I looked at it, I was reminded of what happens when Patty Jenkins bitches to DC Comics that she wants to be a writer too,

Then I think of just how much fuckin longer I have to wait till DC Comics finally implodes and I am hired to rebuild the holy Trinity before You Know Who with the fuckin Mouse Ears takes them over and turns Batman into fuckin Batatouille,

So for a Kickstarter Special $12, that baby can be added to your package, and I'm keeping the Black and White for this version, with the option to color it down the line,

I just this version, and it reminds me of what Wonder Woman could've been,

And not to be outdone I have created a new Laptop Sticker celebrating the Cucumber Queen herself, HILARIA BALDWIN, complete with a Carbonite Frozen Alec Baldwin and some greased up Cucumbers,

How do you say..............Perfection,

Everyone with a $25 package and above gets it as a bonus gift, but if you would like to add any stickers to your package for your friends laptops, or perhaps to stick them all over cars until Alec curses you out on Twitter, they are also available in the add on section for $5

Happy Shopping my friends,




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